What We Treat

Mental Health and
Co-Occurring Diagnosis

When a friend or some you love is struggling with emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric disorders or substance use challenges, it can have an underlying effect on the mental health of the individual in question, in addition to those around them. To best serve those in our care, the team at Voyages of Sugar Land work tirelessly to provide a compassionate environment which promotes healing and total wellness for patients and their families.

Our team specializes in treating mental health and co-occurring diagnoses in senior patients and those who have medically complex challenges.

Mental Health Conditions

Changes in mood, personality, personal habits, and/or social withdrawal might be signs of a mental health condition. Mental health conditions may cause disturbances in thoughts and behaviors which can result in the inability to cope with normal life demands and routines. Our team is able to treat the over 200 classified forms of mental illness including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders.

Dual Diagnosis or Co-Occurring Disorders

When both a mental health and substance use condition exist, it is referred to as a dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorder. Our treatment program aims to help patients stabilize from their substance use dependency to achieve long-term sobriety while additionally managing his/her mental health symptoms. Our multi-disciplinary team’s experience allows insight into treating the complexity of symptoms experienced in dual diagnosis cases.

Signs You or a Loved One Needs Help

  • Thoughts of hurting self or others
  • Sudden Personality change
  • Evidence of illicit drug or alcohol abuse
  • Extreme mood swings
  • The belief of having grand abilities or powers
  • Isolation from loved ones
  • Hearing voices or hallucinations